We Build lives from within Communities 

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life in our community

We are a social enterprise that builds lives together from within communities through Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and Provision of leadership initiatives. Our believe is that everyone has a role in building lives to succor the social problems in their communities. Emerging as a vibrant Network, our work is to ensure that, we give a meaning to every single life in deprived communities in solidarity to make a Network that bedrocks human Dignity, Development and Leadership 

How You Can Help


CGN offers a unique and highly engaging way to give back to your communities. As long as you want to make a difference in your communities, you can join our team by giving a few hours every week.


Support our vision to Positively empower communities with equal access to opportunities and development by being the reason for the smile of people in communities.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Connecting and empowering marginalized communities to ensure fairer societies and Advance community development. 

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