Areas of Intervention

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Our network innovates and enterprises low cost water equipment with improved local content for  purification, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of water systems to reduce community water poverty for a sustainable development. Our communities are part of our Network and they help us build the meaningful lives together. We enterprise in Urban Communities and we use 25% of our profit to provide WASH equipment to rural schools, hospitals and disadvantaged communities. 

Agro Processing and Enterprising

Our Network agrees that Entrepreneurship is essential to making our communities empowered and stronger to take their varied courses. We connect Small holder farmers and Businesses by meaningfully ensuring value chain development in the Agricultural sector through the establishment of production facilities that create employment and financial hope in farmers in rural communities through our enterprise initiatives.

Our Network holds that when communities have their own resources, own their own power to make their own money, have control of how to use it; it maximizes their potential for sustenance. Our world is sweeter when resources are equitable to everyone and for which reasons; we exist to building lives together from within communities as we currently work with over 50 Smallholder Farmers and cooperative groups in Sierra Leone.

Education and Social Action

Educationally, we work with Schools and vocational centers to attach a meaning to the lives of women, and children in rural communities. We bring education to the doors of rural and marginalized communities by bridging educational inequalities. This is helping us to have Economic Advancement and Educational Equality through innovative Community Participation.

We also connect Communities and young persons to create meaningful life engagements through one-on-one mentorships. We believe, we are part of everyone’s story by positively contributing to making them realize their full potentials. 

The world is full of injustice but we exist to be part of the solution to many unjust situations affecting women, children and persons with Disability by taking social actions for the promotion of democracy, human rights, environmental conservation, and gender mainstreaming, to enable them reach their potentials. Our Networks are in those communities regarded as one of the worst to being a woman, a child and a Disabled person. We believe that when we liberate the communities, we get a positively empowered society with respect for human Rights, Development and Access to equal opportunities.

Community Leadership and Development

We make our lives meaningful as a Network through the services we provide within our communities. We Engage, Empower and Build young Minds and community members to be the change makers of their communities by engaging in meaningful Community Leadership Initiatives